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176 – The importance Of Automation And Orchestration In Cyber Security – Part 1

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In this week’s episode of the podcast we dissect “The Importance of Automation and Orchestration in Cyber Security.” 
As you are well aware cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent. 
The need for efficient and effective security measures has never been more critical. Equally, automation and orchestration have never more important for organizations to defend themselves and to streamlining processes, reducing response times, and enhancing overall security posture. 
In my view this is an important way of tipping the balance in favor of the defenders.

Having said that and before we get into the main topic, lets touch a trending piece of news this week. And that is:

  • Phishing Email Abuses Windows Search Protocol

– https://www.trustwave.com: Search Spoof Abuse O Windows Search T Redirect To Malware
– https://learn.microsoft.com: Using the search Protocol
– https://benjamin-altpeter.de: An Analysis of the State of Electron Security in the Wild

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