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177 – The Importance Of Automation And Orchestration In Cyber Security – Part 2

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This week’s episode will continue with part 2 of  “The Importance of Automation and Orchestration in Cyber Security.” 
As I said in the episode one, the need for efficient and effective security measures has never been more critical.

I suggest you listen to part 1, before you dive into this one.

Without further ado, lets first get what is  trending  this week in term of news and updates.

  • Hundreds of personal computer as well as Server Models could be Affected by a serious UEFI Vulnerability

– https://eclypsium.com: UEFICanHazBufferOverflow Widespread Impact From Vulnerability In Popular PC And Server Firmware
– https://eclypsium.com: How Eclypsium Automates Binary Analysis At Scale
– https://en.wikipedia.org: Orchestration (computing)

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