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Bad Actors Are Taking Advantage Of Coronavirus, of course they would!

The treat actors are known to take advantage of bad news. This timeĀ  they are not stopping capitalising on the Coronavirus global outbreak. Here are the Indicator Of Compromises (IOCs)that you need to be aware of -courtesy of Talosintelligence: Hashes (SHA256) 345d8b4c0479d97440926471c2a8bed43162a3d75be12422c1c410f5ec90acd9 (Parallax RAT) Adde95e8813ca27d88923bd091ca2166553a7b904173ef7a2c04bb3ddf8b14a9 (Wiper) C57fa2a5d1a65a687f309f23ca3cfc6721d382b06cf894ee5cd01931bbc17a46 (Nanocore) Emotet Maldocs (SHA256) 006dc4ebf2c47becdc58491162728990147717a0d9dd76fefa9b7eb83937c60b 0a84308348fee6bbfe64a9ef23bb9c32cb319bcdf5cf78ddfda4a83dadea4b8e 0a8aa3f413a8989bb89599dfc2404f7d34dfbb2e3ce26e900d228e9e8c8908b8 0fdc97da1c297e6fef93910008fc5c47cbdcd3e2987bc163467b34f56de112ff

The Anti-Virus testing world

A good readĀ about the status of Anti-Virus testing market. My take on this is test what you are buying. After all that is why products come mostly with a month worth of trial. Do take advantage of the trial and most importantly conduct your own proof of concept instead of blindly following what the sales