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White House Warns Companies to Act Now on Ransomware Defenses

The white is pushing companies to adopt defensive measure after an unrepresented rise in ransomware attacks so far this year and in April and May in particular. “The bluntly worded open letter followed a string of escalating ransomware attacks that stopped gasoline and jet fuel from flowing up the East Coast and closed off beef

Private, Encrypted File Sharing

Another go for encrypted file sharing. This time it is from Mozilla better known for Firefox, the open source browser. The service named Send thought not perfect allows you to share files 'safely'. In the word of Mozilla blog post "your stuff does not remain online forever".  If the connected world brought to our lives

Petya Disk encryption

A massive attack is underway. This has started in the Ukrain but is spreading to the rest of the world fast.  Yes it is about ransomware. It is different than perhaps the one you know. Petya is the name of this ransomware and it is also leveraging Eternalblue’s vulnerability (CVE-2017-0144) This time it is a

End to End Encryption

Encryption is in the news again. The UK Home Secretary expressed her frustration over encryption and in particular End To End encryption when it was revealed the man who carried out the terror attack at Westminster last used WhatsApp.  Encryption is a dual use technology and it is the best tool we have today to

When HASHES Collide

Google has been working on the possibility of hash collision for a while. Their work focused on SHA1. They have just released the below blog post announcing the first SHA1 collision. Of course the security community has seen this coming for a number of years but this is the first proof. It has to be

My talk at the IDC IT Forum 2017, Dubai

I made a talk at the IDC IT Forum 2017, Dubai in the topic of encryption. My talk was title “Encrypion Is Here”. I specifically covered an area of encryption often not considered or less talked about enough and that is achieving separation of duties by leveraging File and Folder encryption.