Category: Privacy

Mobile location data exposure

There is a good reason why we should limit location feature in our smart phones and portable devices. The US National Security Agency published a helpful reminder. However take the following into account; the “document may be useful to a wide range of users, it is intended primarily for NSS/DoD system users”. The full document

Zoom Has Active Vulnerability

Zoom has an actively exploited vulnerability. Zoom is a “remote conferencing services company headquartered in San Jose, California. It provides a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration” The problem starts when you chat with other meeting attendees and in particular when you sent them a link. If the

Private, Encrypted File Sharing

Another go for encrypted file sharing. This time it is from Mozilla better known for Firefox, the open source browser. The service named Send thought not perfect allows you to share files 'safely'. In the word of Mozilla blog post "your stuff does not remain online forever".  If the connected world brought to our lives

HP accidental keylogger 

Security researchers from the Switzerland discovered HP shipped some laptops with a keylogger. The code is part of the audio driver software which allows playback of audio sounds. Unfortunately this captures every keypress you make and saves it locally (C:\users\public\MicTray.log). The initial reaction from HP is that they are not getting these transcripts of your

The secret life of passwords

A look into why we choose the password we choose and what this reveals about us. A lot than you might think. If you ignore password managers  – which combat linking the password to the individual by randomizing it, a password is more than a secrete to our private life indeed. It often reflects who we

Noisy Search

On the 28 of March the US House of representative gave the green light to the Internet Service Providers to monetise your browsing habits. Obviously this is not a good news for most of people and angered the security community.  This has forced one particular member to…come up with a way to protect his search

End to End Encryption

Encryption is in the news again. The UK Home Secretary expressed her frustration over encryption and in particular End To End encryption when it was revealed the man who carried out the terror attack at Westminster last used WhatsApp.  Encryption is a dual use technology and it is the best tool we have today to