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Noisy Search

On the 28 of March the US House of representative gave the green light to the Internet Service Providers to monetise your browsing habits. Obviously this is not a good news for most of people and angered the security community.  This has forced one particular member to‚Ķcome up with a way to protect his search

Importance of baseline security

When we procure a system or software, we often leave the default settings as setup by the vendor. That might not always be good for security. One of the most important components of any systems security work is the development of a consistent security configuration with a sensibile baseline security. Once this is achieved, it

Internet Hiccup

The Internet literally stands for interconnected networks. Essentially it is made out of individual networks. These individual networks are referred to as Autonomous Systems, abbreviated as ‘ASs’; independently managed by regional ISPs but also organisations. An AS is made up of routers both internal and external and the boundaries or edge of these ASs are