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119 – Demystifying Digital Certificates- Shedding Light on an Obscure yet Crucial Aspect of Online Security – Part – 1

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In this episode, I want to shine a brigt light on an important yet frequently misunderstood part of online security: digital certificates. Certificates are essential in today’s digital world for safeguarding communication and confirming identities. Nonetheless, they are frequently obscure to many, resulting to confusion and misunderstandings. Join us as we demistify digital certificates, examine their importance, and explain their role in guaranteeing safe and the ever dependable digital communication.

In addition, we will recap other  trending  security news  including:

  • Kali Linux introduces purple team distro
  • Apple Fast Update

 – https://www.kali.org: Kali-linux-2023-1-release/
– https://support.apple.com: Apple  Rapid Security Response
– https://www.ibm.com: Overview of Digital Certificates

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