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150 – Supply Chain Security

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Digital inter-connectivity defines our era. 

One of the primary challenges facing supply chain cyber security is the expanding attack surface. 
In this week’s episode we will turn to Supply Chain Security, how attackers carry out such attacks. We will also look at previous examples and what mitigations can be mounted to prevent these do not happen again.

But before that and as always ahead of the main topic we stop and reflect on the trending news and this week we have two  notable  security pieces  including:

  • CISA urges to get rid of default passwords
  • Microsoft’s December 2023 Patch Tuesday

https://www.cisa.gov: CISA secure design alert urges manufacturers eliminate default passwords
https://www.cisa.gov: Secure Design alert how manufacturers can protect customers eliminating default passwords
https://www.cisa.gov: Secure by design
https://msrc.microsoft.com:  Release Note 2023 Dec
https://isc.sans.edu/diary:Microsoft Patch Tuesday December 2023

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