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154 – Exfil or DLP – Part 2

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We are continuing demystifying a couple of terms that folks new to the realm of cyber security often mix up. Those are the  terms Exfil or DLP.  So by the end of the session you will surely understand where you stand the next time you will hear an Exfil has happened to so and so org or a DLP is require here.
Make sure you listen to part 1 beforehand.

And as alware before we get into the weeds, lets review the recent top trending news this week. These are

  • Babuk variant decryption key made available
  • Mandiant X account hacked 

– https://www.bleepingcomputer.com:  Decryptor for Babuk ransomware variant released after hacker arrested
– https://grahamcluley.com:   Security firm Mandiant says it did not have 2FA enabled on its hacked Twitter account
– https://www.nomoreransom.org: No-More-Ransom site

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