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156 – The risks of exposing Web UI

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  • Not long ago, Microsoft’s exchange online was breached. They now revealed how this happened.
  • UK and US Water Utilities Hit with Cyberattacks

Accessing and managing various applications and services remotely is a daily occurrence for a typical administrator. It is often the fastest way to accomplish a quick task while you are on the move or say something urgent is needed while you are still on your way to your desk. While that is nothing new, we see an uptick on the number of successful attack taking advantage on these exposed administrative interfaces. What is causing the recent increase in Web UI initial access? Well, that is the topic our episode this week.

Just before we hit the main topic, lets review a couple top of mind recent news:

– https://www.microsoft.com: Midnight Blizzard guidance for responders on nation state-attack
– https://www.securityweek.com: Major UK and US  water companies hit by ransomware
https://www.cisa.gov: Water and wastewater sector incident response guide 

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