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158 – Is quantum computing a threat to cryptography, really? – Part 2

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This is the second episode of our two part episode on whether quantum computing is a threat to cryptography really. Make sure you listen to episode 1 first as we laid the foundation on what is coming up in this episode.

As always lets review this week’s top trending security news first.

  • CISA and the FBI release Living of the land technique guidances
  • Google’s AI assisted with detection

– https://www.computer.org: Quantum Computing
– https://thequantuminsider.com: Quantum Research
– https://cqn-erc.org/about: The Center for Quantum Networks
– https://www.cisa.gov: Joint Guidance Identifying and Mitigating LOTL
– http://security.googleblog.com: Scaling security with AI from detection
– https://safety.google: Cybersecurity Advancements

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