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160 – The Hidden Risks of Default Configurations – Part 2

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In this episode, we are continuing with part 2 of the risks paused by default configuration. As I said last week, while default config is convenient for initial setup, these  settings are may introduce significant security risks that can leave systems vulnerable to exploitation by malicious actors.  Please listen to the first episode before you listen to this episode. That way you will get the background and full context of the topic.

  • Well intended Network Traversal Tool is Being Abused for malicious gain. Where have we seen that beofore
  • Law enforcement from the UK and others disrupt Lockbit Ransomware group infrastructure

Having said that, lets turn to a couple of top trending news this week and they are:

– https://joshua.hu: SSH-Snake SSH network traversal discover SSH private keys network graph
– https://www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/ NCA leads international investigation targeting worlds most harmful ransomware group
– https://www.chainalysis.com: LockBit takedown sanctions

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