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Chronicle, another company from Alphabet.

The cyber security space is expending with tones of new firms popping up every year. There is a premium problem to be solved. In late we have seen the Endpoint market accused to have gone stale, and in the last couple of years we literally saw wars over the Endpoint market share with the old well established being challenged by the new comers.

Alphabet, the parent company and umbrella of other numerous companies has launched a cybersecurity company called “Chronicle”. As to their vision it goes something like this “We see a future where enterprise security teams can find and stop cyberattacks before they cause harm. By applying planet-scale computing and analytics to security operations, we provide the tools teams need to secure their networks and their customers’ data. We turn the advantage to the forces of good.” They don’t have a product yet and although it is hard to judge what it is they will eventually sell but I captured their core business goal which is “We are building a cybersecurity intelligence platform that can help organizations better manage and understand their own data. Companies already have volumes of information about what’s happening inside their walls. We’re aiming to unlock its valuable hidden insights by making it faster and easier to analyze data, and to look for patterns across sources and over time. We believe this can provide security teams with greater insights into areas of likely vulnerability, and give them time to protect themselves.”

We will see how this new business united devoted to security evolves.

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