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Speed versus security versus cost

Cyber security is the act of having a safeguard or countermeasures in order to mitigate a potential risk. When I talk to clients who are looking at improving their security posture I often remind them that they need to strike a balance between security, cost and speed of the products they are looking at purchasing. They should also take what they are protecting into consideration. After all, the vertical you are in dictates your security tolerance level. In my opening statement I used the word ”mitigate’. Mitigation means bringing the overall risk level to an acceptable level. A financial institution such as a bank, a government agency with a national secrete or a small corner shop with few machines and very little data won’t have the same appeal to the crooks. The bad guys will go after the juicy high end target with a big return of investment rather than wasting time on a victim where there is not a lot to make of.

Procuring a cheap product might not give you the security level you deserve. Conversely if you want a premium security solution you won’t get it at a cheap price. Do not think of a solution with lightning speed, cheap and secure because it does not exist!

You should purchase the right products that fit your need and protect your environment but at the right cost. Know the value of you asset, data and what you are trying to protect.

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