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130 – What is the difference between Incidence Response and Threat Hunting?

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Listen to this very insightful episode on differentiating two important cybersecurity domains that are both intriguing and essential: Threat Hunting and Incident Response.
We all agree that staying one step ahead of cybercrooks is paramount. But what sets these two critical practices apart, and how do they work together to safeguard businesses?

While we at it, we will demystify the key differences between these two cybersecurity corner stones. We’ll explore the core principles, methodologies, and objectives that distinguish these two powerful approaches . 

 But before that, we will recap other  trending  security news  including:

  • Cybersecurity firm Sophos impersonated by a ransomware tool
  • A particular ransomware gangs are taking the usual steps to leak their victim’s data on the clearweb sites.

– https://news.sophos.com: Sophos discovers ransomware abusing Sophos’ name
– https://cisoseries.com: Clop leaks on clearweb
– https://www.computing.co.uk: Clop clearweb publish Moveit
– https://nvlpubs.nist.gov: NIST.SP.800-61r2
– https://www.stickmancyber.com:: Incident Response Frameworks NIST-SANS

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