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131- How do ransomeware rollback features work?

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In today’s episode, we’ll explore a critical aspect of endpoint security – the ransomware rollback feature. Ransomware is still a prevailing threat, targeting individuals and organizations alike. To fight back, many endpoint security solutions offer a rollback feature, to mitigate  data lost in the first place.
 By the end of this episode you will understand its inner working and how it keeps cybercriminals at bay sometimes. 

But before that, we will recap other  trending  security news  including:

  • CISA releases its Cybersecurity Strategic Plan, FY2024-2026
  • What is the most exploited vulnerabilities? We will have a look at what the industry’s major cyber security agencies agreed?

– https://www.hsdl.org: CISA releases its Cybersecurity Strategic Plan, FY2024-2026
 https://www.cisa.gov/news-event: CISA, NSA, FBI, and International Partners Release Joint CSA on Top Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities of 2022

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