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173 – SSL VPN versus IPsec VPN – Part 2

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In today’s episode we’re diving into the world of VPNs, Specifically we will compare SSL VPN and IPsec VPN, two popular technologies used for secure remote access. In the post pandemic area, remote work become part of the new normal post. Understanding the nuances of these technologies is therefore crucial. We’ll explore how each VPN works, their security features, performance differences, and the scenarios where each excels.

  • Microsoft’s “Recall” feature raises privacy concern.

– https://www.wired.com: Microsoft Recall AI May Be A Privacy Nightmare
– https://en.wikipedia.org: Virtual_private_network
– https://en.wikipedia.org: Transport Layer Security
https://www.bleepingcomputer.com: Norway Recommends Replacing SSL VPN To Prevent Breaches

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