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137 – Introduction to Cyber Security – Part 2

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Welcome and thank you for tuning in to YusufOnSecurity, the cyber-security podcast for everyday defender from analyst to the C-Suites, in plain english.

I’m your your host Ibrahim Yusuf

This is the second part of our two part series on “Introduction to Cyber Security”. Do listen to part 1 before you listen to this episode.

Having said that, lets recap other trending security news including and this week I will dwell on one story because of its importance and impact: That fear that the attack’s who stole LastPass’ vaults may have started to crack them.

– https://securitylab.github.com: GHSL 2023-092 Notepad
– https://blog.qualys.com: Qualys’ top 20 exploited vulnerabilities
– https://skillsforall.com: Introduction to cybersecurity
– https://learn.cisco.com: Learning and development

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