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165 – How AI is helping Incident Responders

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AI is getting into all sorts of places but no less than in cybersecurity in both a good way and bad ways. In a good way with bolstering Incident response live cycle but unfortunately in a bad way with generating convincing phishing email or assisting with script and coding etc.

In this week’s episode we will focus on how AI is helping IR in getting to the bottom of what might have happened.

Before we get into the main topic, lets touch one important top trending piece of news. And that is:

  • RedHat warns of a backdoor in a tool used in most of Linux distributions.

– https://www.redhat.com: Urgent security alert Fedora 41 and rawhide users
– https://www.cisa.gov: Reported supply chain compromise affecting XZ Utils data compression library CVE-2024-3094
– https://www.ciscolive.com: AI Assistance (page 52)

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