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169 – eBPF – Part 1

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In this episode, we’re diving deep to demystify a groundbreaking technology that’s gathering pace on the security front. It is not something most people are aware of. This technology is bringing enhanced visibility, increased performance to enabling powerful security measures.  

Hang around as we unravel the potential of eBPF in bolstering cybersecurity defenses, from real-time threat detection to proactive mitigation strategies, and explore how this revolutionary tool is reshaping the landscape  of security.

Before we get into that, lets recap a top trending security news: and that is

  • Threat Actors Were Exploiting an Antivirus Update Mechanism to Spread Malware

https://ebpf.foundation: eBPF
https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com: Making eBPF work on Windows
https://en.wikipedia.org: Protection ring
https://cilium.io: Cilium
https://blogs.cisco.com: Cisco HyperShield Reimagining Security
https://www.linkedin.com: Skyfall eBPF Agent For Infrastructure Observability

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