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170 – eBPF – Part 2

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 In part 2 on eBPF we continue demystifying this promising new technology that is strengthening  the cyber space. Please listen to the previous episode i.e. Episode 169 before you to listen to this one.
Having said that, lets recap a top trending security news, shall we?

  • New UK Law: No Default Passwords on Smart Devices from April 2024

– https://www.ncsc.gov.uk: Smart Devices Law
– https://www.ncsc.gov.uk: Leaflet To Consumer On Security Law Smart Devices
– https://ebpf.foundation
: eBPF
– https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com: Making eBPF work on Windows
– https://en.wikipedia.org: Protection ring
– https://cilium.io: Cilium
– https://blogs.cisco.com: Cisco HyperShield Reimagining Security
– https://www.linkedin.com: Skyfall eBPF Agent For Infrastructure Observability

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