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127 – How to Achieve Cyber Resilience: Best Practices for Effective Incident Response – Part 1

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Today, we delve into a critical aspect of cybersecurity: incident response best practices. Given the unforgiving threat landscape, organizations face an ever-increasing number of cyber threats. Whether it’s a data breach, a malware attack, or a network intrusion, incidents can disrupt operations, compromise sensitive information, and damage reputation. That’s why having an effective incident response strategy is crucial. In this episode, we’ll explore the key principles and strategies behind incident response best practices. We’ll discuss the steps organizations should take to prepare, detect, respond, and recover from security incidents.

But before that, we will recap other  trending  security news  including:

  • Microsoft Edge free built-in VPN
  • Meta’s twitter alternative

– https://www.sans.org/tools/: The Pyramid Of Pain
– https://support.microsoft.com:Microsoft edge secure network to protect your browsing
– https://www.theverge.com: Meta Instagram threads
– https://talosintelligence.com: Incident Response Plans
– https://www.sans.org: Incident Response Cycle
– https://www.cisco.co:  Incident Response Services

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